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Designs of the Week - Real Estate

Show your presence in the neighborhoods where you work. Send the postcard to neighbors to announce -

  • Just Listed
  • Just Sold
  • Coming Soon

Content Ideas for the Reverse Side of the Postcard

Feature an offer that gets customers to think buying or selling the property. Perhaps there is an upcoming event you can host? Or offer a free market assessment on the seller's property. Think of content that will grab attention. Think of ways to make the back of the postcard compliment the front.

Tips and Advice

Look Professional

Most of todays mobile phones can take fantastic professional-quality photos. It is up to you to compose the photo just right - show the property's best features. Add a quality logo to the front of the postcard. Use the image placeholders on the reverse side of the postcard for additional branding elements like a header with your image and contact information. Add a footer that showcases your professional accolades. Fine print text area is available for any additional secondary content.

Keep the message simple

The more text you have in the postcard the less attention the reader will spend on each individual word. Think about having a message that is simple, short and straight to the point.


Once the postcards are sent, you will be able to track each mailing and see exactly when they appear on neighbor's footsteps. Identify high quality leads and stop by to say hello. If you have a vehicle with company branding, consider leaving it in high-trafficked areas. This will serve as an additional reminder after the customers have looked at the postcards you sent.

Neighborhood Postcards is perfect for real-estate agents. Realizing that every day counts, we create a service where the postcards can reach homes of potential customers in days instead of weeks. On average, our postcards reach homes 4-6 business days after order date.