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Designs of the Week - Cleaning and Washing

Per your request, we've added a number of new templates related to cleaning and washing. Whether you specialize in house cleaning services or exterior house-washing, this category is for you. Check out some of the new templates below.

What to write?

When thinking about using the templates in this category, think about what makes your business special. Here are a couple of pointers -

In business for more than a few years -

Highlight the fact that you are a trusted neighborhood business with a great set of repeat clients. Remember to mention 'trust', 'quality' and 'longevity' of your business. Consider featuring a testimonial from one of the neighbors, with their permission.

Just starting out -

This is an exciting time. Mention a special offer or a discount for new customers. See if you could offer a 1-time service in exchange for a testimonial or even 'a mention' in a local publication. Remember to keep track of all of the different marketing efforts you are doing to make sure you know which approach works best.

Best in Class At -

If your business has a unique specialty, be sure to mention it in your marketing. A differentiator makes your business stand out among competitors. You could include a special offer that is only available when the customer brings in their postcard. This is a great way to make sure the customers keep your mailer in their files if they are not currently ready to make a purchase.

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